Thursday, September 22, 2011

Exciting Educational Exhibits at the Fair

There are many exhibits for kids to gain a fun learning experience at the Fair. Here are two different exhibits that offer exciting hands-on education.

The World of Music is an interactive, hands-on museum of music, housing over 300 culturally diverse instruments from six continents. Wander through the exhibit and gain an understanding
of how music is a universal language. Get a glimpse of other cultures and history in an educational, yet fun environment. Kids can also enjoy drum circles throughout the day, rhythm workshops, a Blue Man Group Station, a kid’s band area, and an electronic instrument section, featuring the amazing Beamz Laser Music Player. Drum circles will be held daily at noon, 2, and 4 p.m. in the Paulhamus Plaza. The World of Music is open daily 11 a.m.– 7 p.m.

The Traveling Farm is a new, custom-built 48' semi offers a walk-through facility that features 14 museum-quality interactive exhibits to engage and educate young learners. Today, many children know woefully little about agriculture's role in their daily lives - where food comes from, what life on a farm is like, why it is important to have farms in our communities,
etc. The Traveling Farm teaches students the role farming plays in our lives. There are farm-to table illustrations, teaching kids where food really comes from and then making healthy food choices. You and the family can visit the Traveling Farm near the Green Gate.

Both exhibits offer an educational experience for the whole family to learn more about the world around them, in a manner that is so fun you don’t even realize you are learning. Put each exhibit on your list to see at the Fair, hurry though there is only three days left!

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