Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Collecting, handcrafting and so much more in Hobby Hall

It is amazing to discover how many people like to collect specific items. For some, it is Princess Di items, for others, anything that has a Coca-Cola logo on it. If you've been to the Puyallup Fair, chances are that you have wandered through Hobby Hall and discovered the interesting collections on display.

This year will be no exception, either. While the deadline has come and gone, the staff in Hobby Hall is wading through the applications, determining how much space is needed for each.

But the Hobby Hall is more than just unique collections. It featues handcraft entries, ranging from calligraphy to doll houses, stained glass to egg art. The great thing is that you can still register your handcraft items online if you'd like to participate. You can enter until Wednesday, August 24th at 10 p.m. Just check out the guidelines at thefair.com. Click on exhibit entries, then Hobby Hall.

Each year Hobby Hall features new crafts and collections to discover. They also provide railroad enthusiasts with they annual fix to see miniature train sets. Make sure that you drop by and get lost in these fascinating displays. You'll find out how others enjoy spending their spare time, too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cruise in to the Goodguys PNW Nationals Car Show this Weekend

If you haven't been to the Goodguys Pacific Northwest Nationals before, you've really missed out! But you are in luck, as the 24th annual event starts this weekend.

More than 2,500 classic cars, hot rods and customer cars will be coming to the Puyallup Fair & Events Center this Friday through Sunday, July 22-24th. They will have more than 200 manufacturer and commercial exhibits, an auto swap meet and cars for sale corral, Friday night drag races at Pacific Raceway's in Kent, a model car show, clowns and magicians for kids, and lots more.

They seem to schedule the event over a nice weekend, and this year will be no exception. It's a great place to enjoy the sun as you check out cars from days gone by, people watch, and generally have a great time. Whether you are a car lover, or just enjoy seeing classic autos, you will love the event. Over 70,000 are expected, so you'll be in good company.

Hours are 8 am - 5 pm on Friday; 8 am - 8 pm on Saturday; and 8 am - 3 pm on Sunday. General admission is $18, and children 7-12 years are $6. For more info, check out http://www.pacificnorthwestnats.com/.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

America's Family Pet Expo is THE thing to do this weekend

America's Family Pet Expo this weekend, July 8-10 will be THE thing to do this weekend, whether you are coming alone, or a van load of kids. They will be featuring more than 1,000 different animals (as a reminder: leave yours at home so you can enjoy these!), from the regular family favorites to the unique. You'll learn how to care for animals, select the best animal for you, and determine the best products to use.

They are also offering 11 different entertainment attractions, too. A main attraction is "Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show." Trained dogs do stunts and acrobatics of all types. There's also the "Creepy Crawly Show" featuring snakes, spikders, scorpions and other not-so-normal family pets.

Whether you want a pony ride or a petting zoo, you'll be thoroughly entertained. Visit http://www.petexpo.org/ and save $2 on your ticket.