Friday, September 25, 2009

Habitat for Humanity House Nears Completion

The Puyallup Fair partnered with Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity again this year to build a house during the run of the Fair. The house has been built fast - completed in the 17-day Fair. Media partners included: STAR 101.5 FM, KOMO 4, KOMO News Radio, and KUNS Univision Television.

Trivia about last year's Habitat house included:

14,000 Nails
1,700+ Hours
300+ Volunteers
15 Days to build

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cookies to Pies, and Spam to Salsa

The Home Arts Department features some of the most amazing recipe contests around. Some are local, and some have national sponsors, so the blue ribbon winner's recipe will move on to the national competition. If they win, they could walk away with big prizes.

The judges in the Puyallup Fair Apple Pie Contest ended up selecting Peggy Morris of Edgewood's "Apple-Maple Crunch Pie," and the recipe looks delicious. Karen Karsten of Buckley concocted "S'More Pops," You will be guaranteed to want s'more when you see the combination of Ghirardelli chocolate covering marshmallows.
Talk about a blue ribbon winner! Tamera Battle of Tacoma created "Raz-Black-Blue Pie" in the "Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts Pie Baking Championship." It's a mouthful to name that contest, but if that mouthful includes a bite of that berry pie with flakey crust, that's totally fine!

The top three places in the Salsa Showdown went to male cooks. Steve Marshell of Olympia blended flavors to create "Watermelon Cucumber Salsa with Mint."

You've got to drop by the Home Arts Department on the second floor of the Pavilion to see the amazing recipes, and get ideas for your next creative culinary adventure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Deadliest Catch Catches Huge Crowds

Johnathan Hillstrand, the gutsy captain on Discovery Channel’s popular series, Deadliest Catch, is making an appearance at the Puyallup Fair, along with his fishing partner and son, Scott. They were here Friday and Saturday, and are back today (Sunday, 9/20) until 9 p.m.

Meet and greets are available, complete with a chance to snap a photo of them and get their photograph. Time Bandit merchandise is also available for sale, and to be autographed. They are located at the intesection of Showplace Way and Grand Avenue.

Last night they participated in a fundraising event for the Puyallup Fair Foundation. The “Deadliest Dinner” had a packed house, with attendees winning raffle items, including autographed merchandise. The Deadliest Catch fans had a great time!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Special Delivery: Piglets come cheaper by the dozen

Angel, a sow at the Puyallup Fair's Pig Palace was busy tonight. In total, she delivered 12 live and squirming bundles of joy. Erica Luxem of Edgewood was tending to Angel as she gave birth to her litter – a first-time experience for Erica, who handled it like a pro. Now you have another "must see" when you "do the Puyallup," now through Sept. 27, 2009!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starry Country Nights

While Julianne Hough danced her way into the hearts of many people in the Pacific Northwest, she is realizing her dream by singing her way into their hearts as well. Prior to tonight's concerts, she briefly met with radio station winners, as well as Puyallup Fair CEO Kent Hojem and his wife Carolyn (shown). She is excited to perform at the Puyallup Fair, and will open the evening of grandstand music. Following Julianne, Rodney Atkins will take the stage, singing #1 hit songs like "If You're Going Through Hell (Before the Devil even Knows)," and "Watching You." Talk about a great night of country music!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Giant Pumpkin Record Broken at Friday Night's Competition

If you haven't experienced the giant pumpkin contest at the Puyallup Fair, then put it on your list for next year. It is always held the first night of the Fair at 5:30 pm, and the pumpkins are, well, enormous!

Stan Pugh from Puyallup, Washington broke his own previous Puyallup Fair record (1,050 pound pumpkin) with a new Puyallup Fair record of 1,136.5 pounds!

Here are the top 3 winners in the Junior and Adult divisions.

Adult Division:

1. Stan Pugh Puyallup, WA 1,136.5 pounds
2. Joel Holland Puyallup, WA 996 pounds
3. Ryan Ewing Redmond, WA 991 pounds

Junior Division:

1. Breana Barker/Jon Christiani Sumner, WA 662 pounds
2. Amy Maggi Bonner’s Ferry, ID 534 pounds
3. Cameron Jensen Enumclaw, WA 522.5 pounds

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Opening Friday Breaks Attendance Record

Blue sky weather was a definite bonus to the wide range of opening day activities that created the largest opening Friday in the Puyallup Fair's history. When the tally was complete, 86,332 people came through the turnstiles.The parade through downtown Puyallup traditionally kicks on the Fair, and has done so since 2000. This year, some unruly steer decided to visit a convenience store. Thanks to the store's electric eye, the door open for them. They stepped in for a minute, and decided that the merchandise wasn't what they liked. Quick thinking cowboys quickly herded them back, and the crowd loved the diversion!With a weekend of great weather in store, and the top 24 cowboys in each event competing in the Justin Boots Playoffs of the Wrangler Million Dollar Tour, there will be lots to enjoy. After all, it is the last hurrah to Summer!